Wednesday, October 20, 2021


India exam cheats caught with Bluetooth flip-flops

At least 25 students had bought these flip-flops from a gang for US$8,100 per pair.

China bans exams for 6-year-olds as Beijing retools education system

The regulations also limit exams in other years of compulsory education to once a term, with mid-term and mock examinations allowed in junior high school.

Online learning the best bet for now, expert says as pandemic continues havoc for schools

Educationists say it is difficult to change the school calendar in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Addressing the gap between what schools measure and what parents know

The goal of enabling all children to receive quality education relies on the whole school community.

National average grade for SPM 2020 best in 5 years

The national average grade improved to 4.80 compared to 4.86 in 2019.

Now what, educationists ask as UPSR exits the scene after 30 years

They say the education ministry must provide clear communication to address the concerns raised by parents and teachers about the way forward without the Standard Six exam.

Scrapping UPSR, a long overdue move

While public exams are important, there is no need to burden and stress our children to the point that it impedes their personal growth.

Good riddance, Sarawak educators say to UPSR

They say abolishing the Standard Six exam will allow teachers and students to enjoy the learning process.

No more UPSR exam from this year, says education minister

This year's PT3 exams have also been scrapped, says Radzi Jidin.

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