Monday, September 27, 2021

essential services

Half a million at risk of losing jobs, MEF warns in latest call against lockdown

It urges Putrajaya to review the thresholds for transition in the National Recovery Plan to speed up the shift to later phases during which non-essential sectors will be allowed to open.

Only workers in essential services allowed in office during EMCO, says minister

M Saravanan urges bosses to abide by the SOPs and allow their workers to work from home during this period.

Licensed credit companies can open during lockdown

Those who wish to open shop must submit an application through the CIMS 3.0 system.

Industry leaders tell how to improve Miti’s CIMS

They cite problems with the transparency of company applications and the long waiting time for approval.

Pandemic career changes, from IT and consultancy to farming and cendol

Some who made the shift are grateful that they did, as Covid-19 lockdowns keep businesses on their toes.

Lawyers may apply for MCO exemption for court appearances, essential services representations

Law minister Takiyuddin Hassan says the decision takes into account the need for lawyers to physically represent their clients in court.

Minister shares rationale behind green light for ‘non-essential’ gold stores

Minister Alexander Nanta Linggi says the permission to continue operating granted to goldsmiths and jewellers is not intended to benefit the wealthy.

Govt lists 37 businesses under essential sectors during MCO

They include companies involved in the construction, services, trade and distribution sectors as well as plantations and commodities.

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