Saturday, January 22, 2022


Amazon deforestation surges to 15-year high, undercutting Brazil govt’s pledge

Brazil's space research agency recorded 13,235 sq km of deforestation, an area nearly 17 times the size of New York City.

Climate on track to devastate world’s poorest economies, shows study

To date, Earth's average surface temperature has risen 1.1C compared to late 19th-century levels.

The Glasgow climate test and humanity’s code red

People rightly expect their governments to lead, but we all have a responsibility to safeguard our collective future.

Brazil leader accused of ‘crimes against humanity’ at ICC

The complaint accuses Jair Bolsonaro of waging a widespread campaign resulting in the murder of environmental defenders and of endangering the global population through emissions caused by deforestation.

California lawmakers aim to ban offshore drilling after spill

About 3,000 barrels of crude oil spilled into the Pacific Ocean, killing wildlife, soiling the coastline and forcing officials to close beaches in several cities in Orange County, just south of Los Angeles.

Like Kuala Langat reserve, Sg Buloh plant nurseries need holistic solution

Selangor is already a developed state and should now focus more on enhancing the quality of life of its people by opting for a developmental and environmental balance.

A walk through the Kuala Langat forest reserve

The forest has long been home to the Temuan Orang Asli who obtain much of what they need from the trees and animals that live there.

Selangor to regazette Kuala Langat forest reserve

Menteri Besar Amirudin Shari says about 8% of the 1,326 acres will remain degazetted for the Orang Asli and the ECRL project.

Debunking 5 fake claims on the degazetted Kuala Langat forest

A pressure group refutes claims by the authorities including that the Kuala Langat forest reserve is degraded and not viable for conservation.

Green coalition slams Selangor, calls for boycott of development on forest clearings

It criticises Selangor for 'taking a step backwards' by converting forests into developments.

Beyond environmental concerns, Selangor could lose up to RM700 million in transfer of forest reserve

While some RM320 million in premium is expected, the land's value is estimated to be far more.

Some concerns about the proposed Kulim airport

It has huge potential to cause massive negative effects on the surrounding environment, if not properly planned, sited and executed.

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