Saturday, September 25, 2021


376,000 find jobs, exceeding Putrajaya’s 9-month employment target

Prime Minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob expresses confidence that Putrajaya's goal of creating 500,000 job opportunities this year will be met.

Unemployment rate for April 2021 drops to 4.6%

This is the lowest rate since October last year.

Juggling work and studies invites psychological risks, experts warn

While some may do so out of necessity, the stress of working and studying at the same time could take a toll on physical and mental well-being.

‘King of Absentees’ accused of not turning up for work at hospital for 15 years

He was reportedly paid €538,000 (RM2,666,000) over the years he is now thought to have been comfortably at home.

High value, not high tech, will refresh investments

Malaysia’s new investment strategy to be announced this week must avoid the fundamental error that equates high tech with high value when social costs are not taken into account.

Teenage girl arrested for faking positive Covid-19 test results to skip work

She told her employer that she was not comfortable being a waitress and did not feel like going to work.

UOB announces pay raise, promotions for 98% of employees

Bank signals confidence in economic recovery with mid-year exercise ahead of its annual programme.

Waitress fired for not getting Covid jab over pregnancy fears

She says she fully supports people being inoculated, but wants to wait for more research on the vaccine’s possible effects on fertility.

Jaguar Land Rover to cut 2,000 jobs globally

Jaguar Land Rover has almost 40,000 employees worldwide, according to its 2019-20 annual report.

Degree holder slogs through tough times for RM1,000 a month

The money is never enough, but as long as her family is healthy and safe, Jenny has no complaints.

Heineken to cut 8,000 jobs as virus takes fizz out of sales

Heineken, the world's number two brewer, says it recorded a 109% fall in profits from the year before.

Manufacturing sales up despite pandemic’s impact on jobs, salaries

The increase in sales value is attributed to a rise in transport equipment and other manufacture products, food, beverages and tobacco, and electrical and electronics.

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