Sunday, October 24, 2021

Emmanuel Macron

French president visits Polynesia to ‘strike back at obvious Chinese lust’

France, the US, Japan and other governments worry China is seeking to gain influence in their strategic spheres.

France’s generous pension system needs reform, but can Macron risk doing it?

Changing the pension system is divisive and could risk losing Macron the presidential election next year.

French president slapped in the face while greeting crowd

Two people have been detained and are being questioned.

France to punish ex-generals for ‘civil war’ with Islamists letter

Retired and serving French soldiers are meant to stay out of politics and religion on pain of serious penalties.

EU Covid jab crisis happened because we didn’t ‘shoot for the stars’, says Macron

He blames the slow pace of vaccine rollouts in the EU on leaders' failure to anticipate how fast vaccines would be developed.

Perancis mula debat RUU bendung pengaruh Islam radikal

Langkah itu diambil susulan beberapa serangan maut di Perancis oleh pengganas Islam.

Macron decries Islamic separatism, defends right to blaspheme

Emmanuel Macron says freedom in France includes the freedom to believe or not to believe, which cannot be separated from the freedom of expression.

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