Tuesday, September 21, 2021

emergency ordinance

5 things to know ahead of July 26 special Parliament sitting

A look at the differences between a special sitting and an ordinary session, among others.

Yes, Parliament should meet but no need to rush

It is precisely because Parliament has not met for so long that when it reconvenes, it should be able to carry its intended functions in an orderly and systematic manner.

Survey shows many ‘frequently’ or ‘sometimes’ fall for fake news

Responses vary from trusting the media less to cutting down on internet use although fact checking remains lower on the list.

No misuse of emergency ordinance, govt says on combating fake news

Saifuddin Abdullah says authorities need to ensure that the action taken is according to the law.

Housewife, tutor first to be charged over fake news under emergency ordinance

The Emergency Ordinance (Essential Powers) (No.2) 2021 defines fake news as news or information that is wholly or partially false relating to Covid-19 or the proclamation of emergency.

Will heavy fines for SOP violators affect Muhyiddin at polls?

Analysts say the heavier punishments for those who violate health SOPs will likely be included in the opposition's campaign for the next general election.

The need for stiffer penalties over fake news

Purveyors of fake news need to be taught a lesson, and those who have no intention of spreading it or do not wish to see others fall victim to it have no reason to fear.

New law to combat Covid fake news subject to tedious process, says Putrajaya

Ministers say the move is to ensure the success of the government's battle against the pandemic.

Counter fake news on Covid-19 by revealing the truth, not burying it

Fake news should be tackled through the provision of full and complete disclosures supported by scientific evidence, not heavy and disproportionate punishments.

Rights group warns of ‘climate of fear’ over fake news ordinance

Lawyers for Liberty says a state of emergency 'is not a licence to arbitrarily legislate laws'.

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