Saturday, January 22, 2022


Johor speaker denies receiving letter on dissolution of state assembly

Rumours of an election have been rife since the death of an assemblyman last month left Barisan Nasional with a one-seat majority.

Power vacuum and other post-Masing problems for PRS

The biggest challenge for the party will be replacing its president, who was the long-time assemblyman for Baleh as well as a deputy chief minister.

Sarawak DAP admits unkept promises after poor performance in state polls

Its chief Chong Chieng Jen says this contributed to a loss of confidence by the Chinese community in DAP.

Record low 30% turnout in Hong Kong’s ‘patriots only’ poll

The city's biggest pro-democracy parties had put forward no candidates and a growing number of Hong Kong activists abroad openly advocated a boycott.

GPS under Abang Jo sets new record for seat wins

GPS has won 75 seats so far against the 72 won by BN under Adenan Satem in 2016.

PKR, DAP suffer second election defeat in a month

DAP lost five seats while PKR was completely wiped out in Sarawak.

Voters punish scandal-hit UK PM Johnson’s party in local election loss

The centrist Liberal Democrats party candidate, Helen Morgan, won the North Shropshire seat by a majority of nearly 6,000 votes, overturning a 23,000 vote Conservative majority from 2019.

UK PM Johnson staring at by-election disaster

Defeat would be a disaster for the Conservatives, who won the seat by a massive majority in 2019, and would intensify the mutinous mood among the party's MPs.

‘Bossku’ will only help BN with rural votes, say analysts

While former PM Najib Razak continues to enjoy strong support despite his criminal conviction and sentence, this is largely centred among those who support BN anyway, they say.

Better for Amanah to merge with DAP, analysts say on PKR tie-up proposal

They say this would allay Malay concerns about the Chinese-majority party.

Undi 18 to benefit PN at GE15, say analysts

They say those from the younger generation have no party loyalties and are more focused on current issues.

GE15 should be held soon, says Umno deputy president

Mohamad Hasan says Umno is still open to continuing its cooperation with PAS through Muafakat Nasional.

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