Friday, June 18, 2021


SPM, STPM students to be given Pfizer jab from July

The vaccine shots will be administered at schools which will be used as vaccination centres.

Beating the odds in the first pandemic-season SPM

Nurul Syafiza Wan Shariman also had to help take care of her father who is in poor health while navigating the difficulties of sitting for a major exam during the Covid-19 crisis.

National average grade for SPM 2020 best in 5 years

The national average grade improved to 4.80 compared to 4.86 in 2019.

SPM 2021 to begin next February

Oral exams and practical tests for science will take place in February while the written exams will be held in March.

School sessions to resume online from June 13 and 14

This is in light of the continuing spike in Covid-19 infections, says education minister.

Now what, educationists ask as UPSR exits the scene after 30 years

They say the education ministry must provide clear communication to address the concerns raised by parents and teachers about the way forward without the Standard Six exam.

How the pandemic is causing kids to lose their social skills – and their friends

Under normal circumstances, children would be going to school and playing with their friends, but now Covid-19 measures are keeping them mostly at home.

More than 125,000 Myanmar teachers suspended for opposing military coup

Around 19,500 university staff have also been suspended, according to the teachers' group.

Give students a way to protest sexual harassment, experts urge

They say students resort to unconventional methods such as the National School Walkout Day due to a lack of action when they do use the proper channels.

Teaching will never be the same again

As the saying goes, 'the world needs more teachers' but educators will have to adapt to the changes and challenges brought on by the pandemic.

With UPSR gone, tuition centres look to chart new path

While some say it is too early to predict their fate, others acknowledge a need to re-evaluate their approach to the extra classes which have long been a mainstay of students preparing for exams.

More political awareness needed at school level, experts say as delays to Undi 18 continue

They urge the government to take advantage of the delays to help youth become more politically aware.

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