Friday, May 14, 2021

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Smartphones can be a blessing or curse in lockdown Raya

Modern phones are supremely useful tools but too much of a good thing can harm physical, social, and psychological well-being, warn experts.

‘Constantly worried’: migrant worker slogs through pandemic to feed his family back home

Life in Sarawak is hard for Sonata but he knows it might be worse if he returns to his village in Jakarta.

Don’t go over the top, designers urged in fashioning traditional outfits

They are all for creativity but say some things should not be changed.

Takeaway prices bite but there’s nothing for it, say restaurant groups

The increase in cost of raw ingredients coupled with other expenses make it impossible for them to shave down prices any further.

No space for democratic vanities when fighting an invisible killer

There's no shame in admitting the ultimate reason behind the virus emergency.

22 suits linked to 1MDB scandal filed against entities, individuals

1MDB and SRC International are seeking the recovery of RM96.6 billion in assets including RM300 million against various local parties.

Dr M makes passionate plea for public to stay home during Raya

The former PM says people must take the situation seriously to avoid ending up in the same situation as India.

Concerns raised over long-term debt for B40 homebuyers

Industry players say long-term loans could heap financial pressure on these buyers and end up as multi-generational burdens.

State of emergency helps keep us from going India’s way, says Noor Hisham

The health DG says pre-emptive action is needed in the fight against Covid-19.

For Umno’s Ahmad Maslan, party boss Zahid a ‘victim of injustice’

He says Zahid has been unfairly treated since Dr Mahathir Mohamad's first term in power.

With UPSR gone, tuition centres look to chart new path

While some say it is too early to predict their fate, others acknowledge a need to re-evaluate their approach to the extra classes which have long been a mainstay of students preparing for exams.

In Sarawak, calls for leadership by example as cases surge ahead of Raya, Gawai celebrations

From community leaders to authorities at the top level, constant enforcement is needed especially given the strong emphasis on cultural activities which play a role in spreading the infection.

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