Thursday, December 2, 2021


A sophisticated offer to embrace sanity and send kleptos packing

Is the cross-party agreement dangled by the prime minister too sophisticated for some of our MPs that they call it a bribe?

Zafrul must lose his banker’s hat

The Covid-19 crisis has given Tengku Zafrul Aziz an opportunity to show that he can use his knowledge of banks to help the people.

No space for democratic vanities when fighting an invisible killer

There's no shame in admitting the ultimate reason behind the virus emergency.

Give me liberty, and death too?

Today's royal command is the next best thing to a state of emergency to stop our disruptive politicians.

Editorial: Adakah kami silap dengan laporan kami?

Dalam mendedahkan "sisi hodoh" pandemik politik, kami mungkin mengalihkan perhatian rakyat Malaysia terhadap ancaman lebih besar.

Editorial: Where we went wrong with our scoops

In exposing the ugly truth of our political pandemic, we may have distracted Malaysians from a greater threat.

When humour is an apt response to news of governments toppling

Sarcasm does not necessarily denote indifference; it can just as likely signify the triumph of hard-won wisdom over politics.

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