Wednesday, September 22, 2021


Indonesia clings to coal despite green vision for economy

Indonesia, the eighth-biggest carbon emitter, recently brought forward its goal for net zero emissions from 2070 to 2060 or sooner.

Fulfilling moral duty or being punished for profits: The windfall tax dilemma

Mixed reactions arise to a suggestion that companies reaping huge profits during the pandemic pay more tax.

Fearing tourist flight, industry players eager to replicate Langkawi re-opening

They point to Langkawi as a litmus test for opening up vacation spots with strict SOPs in place.

China’s August retail sales growth slowest in a year

China's services sector contracted in August for the first time since the start of the pandemic while factory activity expanded only marginally as a new domestic coronavirus flare-up kicked in.

Huge jump in FDI in first half 2021 with record RM107.5 billion total investments

This augurs well for Malaysia’s path to economic recovery some five months after the launch of the National Investment Aspirations framework.

The Covid-19 recession: Rough times for young Malaysians

The Covid-19 recession of 2020 and the continuing travails of 2021 have compounded the already difficult conditions for young workers and fresh graduates.

Govt priority on rebuilding economy, says minister Mustapa

Mustapa Mohamed says the challenges of the past 18 months have presented an opportunity for the government to revisit its policies and strategies.

Understanding the ‘cost’ of suspending loan repayments

An economist sheds some light on possible confusion over loan moratoriums and the matter of accrued interest.

Philippines lifts lockdown in capital as virus surges

The lighter restrictions in the national capital region, which accounts for about a third of the country's economy, will enable many hard-hit businesses to reopen and spur local tourism.

A public transport agenda for Malaysia

Much should be done to ensure the improvement and maintenance of the country's public transport system, including in the Asean context.

Sri Lanka imposes price controls to tackle food shortages

The government insists the shortages were artificially created by traders profiting from the pandemic restrictions.

A low interest rate environment is only natural

There’s a difference between low interest rate and zero interest rate.

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