Friday, June 18, 2021


Economic Action Council presents independent reset plan by secretariats for crisis recovery

It says it is raising the suggestions formed in a study by its secretariats for consideration by the government, in tandem with the National Recovery Plan.

Thai PM announces country reopening to vaccinated visitors within 120 days

He admits that this will be risky but says it is necessary to boost the country's Covid-crippled economy.

Industry leaders tell how to improve Miti’s CIMS

They cite problems with the transparency of company applications and the long waiting time for approval.

North Korea’s Kim says food situation ‘tense’ due to pandemic, typhoons

Imports from China have now resumed at pace as North Korea eases its border restrictions.

Middle class money problems will hurt too, economists warn

A drop in the spending power of the M40 will have repercussions for the local economy although they may not need as much assistance as the B40.

Approved investments up 95% to RM80 billion for first quarter of the year

The investments involve 993 projects and are expected to generate 32,557 job opportunities.

Pandemic career changes, from IT and consultancy to farming and cendol

Some who made the shift are grateful that they did, as Covid-19 lockdowns keep businesses on their toes.

Give aid to those declared bankrupt too, business group tells govt

The Malay Chamber of Commerce Malaysia says those in this group are currently unable to apply for the aid introduced by the government to cushion the impact of Covid-19.

Economy to recover but lockdown will hurt, academic says

Madeline Berma says the latest two-week lockdown will add pressure on the government and its economic recovery plan as Covid-19 infections and deaths continue to surge.

Malaysia tops list of expansion opportunities for Chinese companies in Asean

Some 65% of Chinese companies in a recent survey place Malaysia at the top of their list.

Govt has the power to compel banks on moratorium, lawyer questions Zafrul’s claim

The government can either 'politely' ask banks or flex its muscles on renewing licences or even invoke its emergency powers, says Derek Fernandez.

PH wants govt to spend almost 10 times more to disburse cash

Opposition trio says government must be 'bolder' in spending, and calls for RM1,000 to be paid to workers until end of the year.

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