Thursday, October 21, 2021


WHO chief sorry for sex abuse by Ebola workers in DR Congo

Dozens of women told investigators they were offered work in exchange for sex, or were victims of rape.

‘No evidence’ woman in Ivory Coast had Ebola, says WHO

The UN health agency says further analysis on the cause of her illness is ongoing.

Ivory Coast records first Ebola case in nearly 3 decades

Authorities say it is an isolated and imported case.

New vaccine halts latest Congo Ebola outbreak

Ebola kills about half of all people who become infected with the virus.

Guinea launches Ebola vaccination campaign

Guinea's health minister expects an end to the outbreak in about six weeks.

Ebola toll hits 4 in DR Congo as people ‘resist’ health measures

The population of the region refuses to believe in the existence of the Ebola disease and rejects measures aimed at checking the virus' spread, such as avoiding touching sick people.

Guinea sees first Ebola deaths since 2016

WHO has eyed each new outbreak since 2016 with great concern, treating the most recent one in the Democratic Republic of Congo as an international health emergency.

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