Tuesday, November 30, 2021


Rise in e-commerce fraud with RM57.73 million losses this year

This is a significant increase from the RM22.39 million losses reported in 2018.

Alibaba shares slide after US$15 billion ‘prosperity’ pledge

Chinese authorities have enforced a sweeping regulatory crackdown on the nation's tech sector after years of runaway growth.

China’s tech titans face new anti-monopoly crackdown

Alibaba alone boasts nearly 900 million mobile monthly active users – more than half of China's population.

Malaysia’s pandemic-fuelled digitalisation on the rise, industry bosses say

The next step will be to ensure its sustainability, top digital players say.

Big future for e-commerce despite retail tycoon’s doubts

Malaysia's e-commerce sector, established long before the pandemic hit, looks set to continue growing in the years to come despite recent dismissals of the future of online shopping.

Mydin boss tells why he’s no believer in online shopping

Ameer Ali Mydin says only 'two multinational suppliers' benefit from e-commerce.

Learning to sell online creates extra challenges for non-urban digital start-ups

Computer know-how and fundamental marketing principles are often harder to access outside the cities.

Beaten, and then saved by the pandemic

Mohd Saddam Irrban lives the best and worst of Covid-19's impact on businesses.

Pandemic turns ‘auntie-uncle’ hawkers into e-commerce pros

Aunties hawking rendang on Facebook are among those who have in record time gone from digital indifference to social media entrepreneurs.

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