Monday, September 27, 2021


2 cops among 14 nabbed over wild party at luxury condominium in KL

All 14 of them tested positive for ketamine and are being investigated for possession of drugs.

4 Chinese killed, meth seized in Philippine drug bust

The drugs, with an estimated value of nearly US$70 million, were put on small boats in international waters and smuggled into the country.

Philippines president taunts international court, vows to kill more drug dealers

Human rights groups accuse him of inciting deadly violence and say police have murdered unarmed drug suspects on a massive scale.

Philippine drug war dead exhumed as grave leases expire

Activists estimate tens of thousands of people have died since President Rodrigo Duterte ordered police to go after drug addicts and dealers in a widely-condemned campaign that has largely targeted poor men.

Seven arrested for attending birthday party

Five of them test positive for drugs.

Eight including two teenagers fined RM4,000 each over party

Seven of them tested positive for drugs.

International court to probe Philippines anti-drug war ‘murders’

The drugs war is his signature policy, and he defends it fiercely against Western leaders and institutions he says do not care about his country.

Qantas ‘infiltrated’ by drug-smuggling biker gangs

Allegations include claims that a Comanchero biker gang affiliate is working as a Qantas manager at Sydney Airport, recruiting criminals to help import narcotics.

Mexican drug gangs now murdering cops in their homes

Many cops are taking their families and fleeing into hiding.

Cons outweigh the pros, health officials say on legalising pot for medical purposes

They say the psychoactive effect of marijuana is one of the top concerns in the move to maintain the ban.

Olympic kayaker tried to smuggle US$150 million of cocaine into Australia

The cocaine packages were transferred from a ship at sea, then a high speed chase by navy and police vessels ensued.

New York lawmakers agree to legalise recreational marijuana

The move could address the racial injustice of a decades-long drug war that disproportionately targeted minority and poor communities.

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