Saturday, December 4, 2021

Delta variant

England’s Covid-19 prevalence rises, led by Delta not Omicron

It is the spread of the dominant and highly transmissible Delta variant, especially among children, that is keeping infection levels high for now.

Scientists ask if Omicron can outrun Delta

Whether Omicron will evade vaccine protection and whether it will cause more serious illness will be far less concerning if the new variant remains relatively contained.

Australia to end emergency Covid-19 support payments as vaccinations rise

The federal government has spent over US$6.5 billion since June to support around two million people.

US approaching Delta wave peak but virus expected to become endemic

The possible emergence of newer variants of concern and the advent of colder weather leading to more socialisation indoors could lead to a rebound.

NZ keeps Auckland in strict lockdown to beat Delta

New Zealand had been largely virus-free for months until an outbreak of the Delta variant imported from Australia prompted a snap nationwide lockdown on Aug 17.

Australia logs biggest daily pandemic caseload as Delta gains ground

Rising cases in Sydney have increased the load for ambulance staff, with the number of Covid-19 patients transported doubling in the last two weeks to total almost 6,000.

NZ lifts lockdown, barring virus-hit Auckland

About three million New Zealanders will no longer be under stay-at-home orders as of Tuesday overnight, and schools will reopen on Thursday for the first time in three weeks.

Hong Kong’s UK flight ban strands thousands of students

Many had planned to go home for the summer holiday but can no longer do so.

Sydney residents banned from leaving city as Covid cluster grows

A 'huge proportion' of Sydney's five million residents are subject to the travel ban, which applies to seven local government areas where Covid-19 cases have been detected.

Moscow records pandemic high for Covid cases second day running

The highly infectious Delta variant has been blamed for nearly 90% of new cases.

Moscow sees new variants behind Covid-19 spike

Daily infections in the Russian capital have soared from 3,000 to 7,000 within a few days and are expected to hit more than 9,000 on Friday.

Over 10,000 daily UK Covid cases for first time in 4 months

A government report has found that cases are 'rising exponentially' across England, driven by mostly unvaccinated age groups.

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