Saturday, September 18, 2021

Delta strain

Singapore logs 910 new Covid cases, highest since May last year

More than 80% of Singapore's population has been vaccinated against Covid-19.

No need for vaccine booster jabs, study says

The authors say that if new virus mutations do emerge that are able to evade the current vaccine response, it would be better to deliver specially modified vaccine boosters aimed at the newer variants.

Delta now the dominant variant in Sarawak

The variant was detected in 303 of the 307 cases undergoing genomic sequencing as of Aug 31.

Australia steps up vaccine rollout as bookings for children kick off

The steady rise in infections has turned up the heat on authorities to procure emergency vaccine supplies.

Covid vaccines hold up against severe Delta, US data shows

Fully vaccinated people were 11 times less likely to die of Covid and 10 times less likely to be hospitalised compared to the unvaccinated.

WHO more doubtful now about vaccines ending pandemic

WHO says the situation has changed due to new, more transmissible variants, such as Delta.

2 import cases in Labuan being analysed for variants of concern

Both cases involve the crew of a ship whose last port of call was at a country where the Mu and Lambda variants have been detected.

Beyond Delta, scientists are watching new virus variants

Getting more people vaccinated against Covid-19 is critical as large groups of unvaccinated people give the virus more opportunity to spread and mutate into new variants.

Aussie state reports 183 local cases as Delta outbreak grows

Just over 100 cases are linked to existing outbreaks.

Finish giving 2 jabs before thinking about a third, says health expert

A virologist says there is no need to think about administering booster shots of Covid-19 vaccine just yet.

New Zealand reports first Delta death

It is the first coronavirus-related death in the country since mid-February.

Study suggests Delta does not cause more severe childhood Covid

High community rates of vaccination are also found to squelch Covid transmission and protect children.

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