Thursday, January 20, 2022

Delta strain

Natural immunity more potent than vaccines during US Delta wave, study shows

But researchers warn against depending on infection as a strategy, given the higher risks to unvaccinated persons of hospitalisation, long-term impacts, and death, compared to vaccinated people.

South African study offers Omicron hope as nations reimpose curbs

The authors found that the risk of hospital admission was roughly 80% lower for those with Omicron than Delta, and that for those in hospital the risk of severe disease was roughly 30% lower.

Delta still dominates, say experts urging third jab

Lab tests are under way to determine vaccine efficacy against Omicron with results expected within weeks.

Scientists ask if Omicron can outrun Delta

Whether Omicron will evade vaccine protection and whether it will cause more serious illness will be far less concerning if the new variant remains relatively contained.

Vaccines reduce Covid transmission by 40%, says WHO

WHO chief warns against falling into a false sense of security.

China fights biggest Delta outbreak as cases grow in city of Dalian

China's most widespread Delta outbreak has affected 21 provinces, regions and municipalities.

Israel holds ‘war drill’ in case of new Covid strain

The simulation covered different aspects of a crisis, including mass inoculation, ordering curfews and imposing a flight ban.

48 new Delta cases reported

This brings the total number of infections categorised as variants of concern and interest to 3,830.

Global Covid-19 cases near 250 million as Delta surge eases

Over the last three months, the daily average number of cases has fallen by 36% although the virus is still infecting 50 million people every 90 days.

Country by country, scientists eye ‘beginning of end’ to Covid-19 pandemic

None completely rules out what some call a 'doomsday scenario', but they express increasing confidence that many countries will have put the worst of the pandemic behind them in the coming year.

UK study finds vaccinated people easily transmit Delta variant in households

The researchers underline that this does not weaken the argument for vaccination as the best way of reducing serious illness from Covid-19, adding that booster shots are required.

WHO keeping close eye on Delta subvariant

AY.4.2 has been detected in at least 42 countries so far.

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