Friday, May 27, 2022


Delhi trapped under blanket of toxic air 2 days after Deepavali

New Delhi's overall Air Quality Index stands at 456 on a scale of 500, indicating 'severe' pollution conditions that can affect healthy people and seriously impact those with existing diseases.

Party’s over: Deepavali leaves Delhi wheezing in dangerously unhealthy air

New Delhi has the worst air quality of all world capitals, but even by its standards Friday's reading was extra bad, as people paid the price for celebrating India's biggest festival in the noisiest, and most smoky way.

From a cemetery, a plea for a home

This Deepavali, all Mogana and her family want is a house to live in once they leave the abandoned temple that has been their home for years.

Celebrating the Festival of Lights in a cemetery

For Mogana and her family who live in the Meru Christian Cemetery in Klang, it will be a quiet Deepavali as the pandemic has wiped out most of their money.

Spending Deepavali in a graveyard

There's no place like home, but for Mogana and her family who live in a cemetery in Klang, even this will soon be taken away from them.

Deepavali dengan rasuah

Orang Islam sepertinya orang Hindu juga menentang kekerasan, pemimpin jahat, kuasawan zalim dan menolak rasuah.

Dawn after Deepavali, Indians awake to choking smog in northern cities

After the festival angry residents complained on social media of breathing difficulties and stinging eyes.

Deepavali, community and Amma Asha Devi

Discrimination tarnishes the chance for many to celebrate anything.

Agong, Permaisuri ucap selamat menyambut Deepavali

Ucapan tersebut disampaikan menerusi satu hantaran di akaun Facebook Istana Negara.

Deepavali in a scrap yard

G Bootheswaran works at a scrap company in Sungai Besi, Kuala Lumpur. This year marks his eighth Deepavali celebration away from his family in Chennai, India, as the Covid-19 pandemic increases his workload and keeps country borders closed.

Jangan lupa SOP ketika sambut Deepavali, pesan PM

Meskipun negara masih bergelut dengan pandemik Covid-19 Deepavali tetap disambut dengan meriah esok.

3 orang satu kenderaan dibenarkan, kata menteri

Keputusan itu berkuat kuasa serta-merta dengan syarat penumpang dan pemandu itu dari rumah yang sama.

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