Friday, December 4, 2020

death toll

11 deaths as Covid-19 cases bounce up to 1,075

459 cases in Selangor, 310 in Sabah.

Daily virus death toll in US tops 2,700

This is the highest number of deaths per day since April.

851 new cases, 658 recoveries

Most new cases in Selangor at 249.

More than 2,500 US virus deaths in 24 hours

The last time the daily death toll was higher than Tuesday's total of 2,562 was in late April, at the height of the pandemic's first wave.

1,472 new cases, more than half in Selangor

Three more deaths take toll to 363.

1,212 new cases, over 400 in Selangor

2,112 recoveries recorded.

1,309 new cases, 493 in KL

This is followed by 290 in Sabah and 238 in Selangor.

1,315 new cases, 476 in Sabah

Four more deaths take virus toll to 354.

New cases back to 4 digits at 1,109

However, recoveries outnumber new cases at 1,148.

935 new cases, recoveries surge to 2,555

Sabah accounts for 35% of new cases and Selangor 17%.

US hits 6-month high of over 2,400 virus deaths in 24 hours

The country has recorded a total of 262,080 Covid deaths, up by 2,439 in 24 hours.

Covid-19 cases worldwide top 60 million

In total 60,014,291 infections, leading to 1,415,258 deaths, have been recorded around the world since the pandemic emerged in China late last year.

Other News

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1,075 kes baru Covid-19, 948 pulih, 11 lagi kematian dilaporkan

Selangor catat 459 kes diikuti Sabah 310 jangkitan baru.

11 deaths as Covid-19 cases bounce up to 1,075

459 cases in Selangor, 310 in Sabah.

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Hundreds of Chinese researchers with ties to their country's military have been identified by the FBI and subsequently fled the US, according to intelligence agencies.