Saturday, May 15, 2021

death toll

Shallow graves and bodies in the river: Covid hits India’s villages

Locals say there is not enough wood for funeral pyres meaning they are forced to leave bodies in the river, but officials dispute there is a shortage.

34 deaths as 4,113 new cases logged

1,269 cases in Selangor, 533 in Sarawak.

Death toll up by 27 as 4,855 new cases logged

Total cases at 458,077 with 481 in the ICU.

Whopping 39 deaths as new cases top 4,700

2,082 cases in Selangor alone.

India’s Covid deaths soar past 250,000

According to the health ministry, a new record of 4,205 people died in the past 24 hours.

22 more deaths as 3,973 new cases logged

1,328 cases in Selangor, 512 in Sarawak.

WHO says Covid strain in India a ‘variant of concern’

It will be added to the list containing three other variants of Covid-19 – those first detected in Britain, Brazil and South Africa – which WHO has classified as being 'of concern'.

Death toll hits 1,700 as 3,807 new cases logged

1,149 cases in Selangor, 649 in Sarawak.

‘No doubt’ US has undercounted Covid deaths, says top pandemic adviser Fauci

The country has officially lost over 581,000 people to the virus but a University of Washington study released Thursday estimated deaths at more than 900,000.

Down to 3,733 new cases, Selangor still over 1,000

26 deaths take virus toll to 1,683.

New cases top 4,500

4,519 new cases, 25 deaths.

India hits 4,000 virus deaths in a day

More states are imposing lockdowns in a bid to halt the new surge in infections.

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