Tuesday, May 17, 2022

death sentence

Singapore lawyers ordered to pay S$10,000 over ethnic bias suit by Malay death row inmates

This is the latest in a series of legal actions seen by critics as a move to intimidate lawyers challenging the city-state's narrative on capital punishment.

Singapore now probing Nagaenthran’s counsel as criticism mounts over intimidation of lawyers

Prominent lawyer Violet Netto is accused of practising with an expired certificate.

Singapore opposition parties write to law minister on fear among lawyers

They ask if lawyers in the city-state are afraid to represent prisoners in important legal matters due to fear of government reprisal.

Rights group slams Singapore for intimidation, harassment of prominent lawyer

Lawyers for Liberty says M Ravi faces a long list of disciplinary and contempt actions which threaten his finances and profession as a lawyer.

Hundreds mourn at Nagaenthran’s funeral

'Our worst nightmares have come true,' his sister says as she continues to plead for an end to the death penalty.

Court rejects Singapore AG’s ‘rushed’ bid to quash Malaysian’s stay of execution

The speed at which the appeal was made, within a matter of hours, caught many in the legal community by surprise.

Malaysian death row inmate gets stay of execution after appearing in court without lawyers

Datchinamurthy Kataiah has been granted a stay of execution pending the hearing of his legal challenge on May 20.

Nagaenthran to be buried in Ipoh on Friday

His family say they accept his death 'with a heavy heart'.

Tycoon Branson raps ‘Singapore’s relentless machinery of death’ after Nagaenthran’s execution

He says it left 'no room for decency, dignity, compassion, or mercy' in sending Nagaenthran K Dharmalingam to the gallows.

After Nagaenthran, another Malaysian fights to stay alive without lawyers

Datchinamurthy Kataiah's case bears many similarities to that of Nagaenthran K Dharmalingam, amid a climate of intimidation against lawyers handling death row cases.

After pre-dawn hanging, Singapore AG hits out at Nagaenthran’s mum, international critics

The Singapore Attorney-General's Chambers says it will take contempt action over comments made locally and abroad on Nagaenthran's case.

Nagaenthran hanged at Singapore prison

His execution came after more than a decade on death row and despite efforts at both the domestic and international level to halt it.

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