Tuesday, October 26, 2021


LHDN denies data leak involving 4 million Malaysians

The tax agency says all data in its care is protected by recognised security technology.

JPN data of 4 million Malaysians up for sale?

The information includes details such as addresses, phone numbers and MyKad numbers.

Ukrainian extradited to US for ‘trafficking’ computer passwords

Ivanov-Tolpintsev controlled a network of computers infected with malware without their owners' knowledge – and used it to decrypt their access codes.

Hack exposed personal data of entire Swiss town, report says

Data included names, addresses, dates of birth, social security numbers and residency permit information for non-Swiss nationals, among others.

Millions of Microsoft-stored data records mistakenly exposed

The data included names, addresses, financial information and Covid-19 vaccination statuses.

Hacker dubbed ‘Mr White Hat’ to return entire stolen crypto fortune

A person claiming to be the hacker says the heist was pulled 'for fun' to expose a flaw that could have cost Poly Network dearly and undermined faith in cryptocurrencies.

Hackers return portion of record crypto heist haul

The heist has sparked debate about whether it would be fair to let the hackers keep some of the loot as reward for uncovering a weakness that could have been even more costly.

Ransomware gang websites vanish after Biden pressures Putin

The disappearance comes after a series of high-profile ransomware attacks hit major US businesses this year.

Influx of immigrants, refugees among 66 national security challenges identified by NSC

The NSC says the arrival of immigrants and Rohingya refugees has caused discomfort among locals who fear that they will take away the rights of Malaysians.

FBI warns of large ‘scale’ in US ransomware attack

The FBI has opened an investigation along with the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency and other US federal agencies 'to understand the scope of the threat'.

European hackers given US$5 million for ‘key’ to reopen US pipeline

The company reportedly paid the ransom in untraceable cryptocurrency.

International police boffins take down ‘most dangerous botnet’

The malware enabled international criminals to access financial details and other lucrative personal information.

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