Wednesday, July 28, 2021


‘Incel’ plotted to slaughter 3,000 college girls, FBI says

Prosecutors allege he wanted to out-kill a fellow incel who stabbed to death three students of Chinese descent as part of his 2014 rampage.

Singapore schoolboy found dead, fellow pupil held

The teenagers did not know one another, according to preliminary investigations.

Kenya arrests ‘bloodthirsty vampire’ over child killings

His victims were drugged and drained of their blood and some of them strangled, police say.

Afghan youth gets life for Swedish stabbings

He attacked seven strangers with a kitchen knife 'because he was so upset' about something he regarded as blasphemous.

Teen on blood-sealed satanic mission to win lottery stabbed sisters to death

When detectives searched his mother’s house, they found his contract with Satan and three lottery tickets. 

Hong Kong police warn residents against mourning man who stabbed officer

Advocating members of the public to mourn for the attacker is no different from supporting terrorism, Hong Kong police say.

Taiwan boy thrown 27 times in judo class dies

The seven-year-old boy, who was said to have repeatedly begged the coach to stop, died after being in a coma for 70 days.

German mother on trial for killing 5 of her children

She faces a life sentence if found guilty of the murders of three daughters and two sons.

NY cops hunt attacker who hospitalised Chinese American

The US Senate passed legislation last week aimed at fighting the rise in hate crimes against Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders.

No more monkey business for duo busted over robbery in India

A third thief is still at large while the monkeys involved have been sent to an animal rescue centre.

One vehicle stolen every 75 minutes in Malaysia, study shows

The Vehicle Theft Reduction Council of Malaysia says 20 vehicles were stolen each day in 2020.

Cops on the hunt for bitcoin mining culprit behind RM9 million losses for TNB

Tan Joe Pheng is wanted for actively running bitcoin mining activities at 18 premises in Melaka.

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