Saturday, September 25, 2021

Cradle Fund

Cradle Fund CEO was dead before the fire, forensic consultant tells court

Dr Siew Sheue Feng from Hospital Kuala Lumpur says there was no evidence of laryngeal inhalation injury or soot in the trachea and deeper air passage.

No alcohol, drugs found in specimens from body of Cradle Fund CEO, court told

Chemist B Govinda Raj also says no traces of carbon monoxide were found in any of the specimens.

Tommy Thomas bakal berdepan tuduhan menghina mahkamah

Tommy Thomas mengeluarkan beberapa kenyataan yang mempertikaikan kredibiliti tertuduh dalam pembunuhan itu.

Now, ex-AG Thomas to face contempt proceedings over remarks on murder case

Tommy Thomas passed several remarks seen as subjudice in questioning the credibility of the accused in the murder.

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