Sunday, April 11, 2021


Theatre houses glad to turn on the spotlights again after a year with no audience

But some say the digital hybrid is here to stay, although how well this will resonate with fans remains to be seen.

Hotels, malls brace for weekend crowds ahead of another pandemic-era Ramadan

Health experts warn of a possible fourth wave if SOPs are ignored.

Decision on AstraZeneca jabs in 2 weeks, says Khairy

He says there is ample time for a decision to be made before the vaccine arrives next month, amid concerns over blood clots as a side effect of the jab.

After Covid-19 washout last year, Ramadan bazaar traders raring to go

Both newcomers and veterans look forward to the month-long affair which gives them an opportunity to ply their goods.

Where i-Sinar went wrong

The economy should be stimulated through investments in areas that have been neglected, not through use of EPF savings in wasteful consumption.

Malaysia to review use of AstraZeneca jab after EMA findings

Minister Khairy Jamaluddin says safety is paramount.

Teenage girl arrested for faking positive Covid-19 test results to skip work

She told her employer that she was not comfortable being a waitress and did not feel like going to work.

No cash, no crops: Sarawak farmers struggle with lockdown woes

For many, the question has become whether to risk infection or die of starvation.

Make SOPs part of school discipline, educators say as Covid cases rise

They say SOPs should be tightened and teachers be given priority for vaccination.

Increase in school-related clusters, says health ministry

Affected schools and classrooms will be advised to close based on health and risk assessments, says health minister.

Still checking data, health minister says on interstate travel for the fully vaccinated

Dr Adham Baba says the ministry will be getting data from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the World Health Organization.

Notifications for Phase 2 jabs to be sent out, attendance compulsory, says Khairy

He says the jabs will be wasted otherwise as the vaccine cannot be put back in the freezer once it has been taken out.

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