Monday, January 17, 2022

Covid-19 origins

WHO experts say urgent search for Covid origins ‘stalled’

Scientists say the window of opportunity is 'closing fast'.

Biden given inconclusive intelligence report on Covid origins

China meanwhile says the US should be 'prepared to accept a counter-attack' if it wants to level 'baseless' accusations.

China says WHO plan to audit labs in Covid origins probe ‘arrogant’

Beijing's vice health minister says the plan shows 'disrespect' and 'arrogance towards science'.

China must cooperate better with Covid origin probe, says WHO

WHO chief says a prior push to all but rule out the possibility that Covid-19 may have escaped from a lab had been 'premature'.

‘Am I patriotic enough for you?’ Asian-American veteran shows battle scars

Thousands of Asian-Americans have reported hate crimes linked to language that blames Asians for the spread of Covid-19.

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