Tuesday, May 17, 2022


Covax, African Union decline to buy more doses of Moderna’s Covid shots

Moderna and Gavi have agreements for up to 650 million doses of the company's vaccine to be made available to Covax participants through 2021 and 2022.

Covax cuts North Korea’s Covid vaccine allotment after no deliveries accepted

North Korea is not known to have imported any Covid-19 vaccines, though media reports have suggested at least some key people, such as border control officials, may have been vaccinated.

WHO urges rich countries to pay up for Covid plan

WHO says the rapid cash injection into its Access to Covid Tools Accelerator could finish off Covid as a global health emergency this year.

Covax delivers one billionth Covid vaccine dose

But Covax has fallen far short of its initial objective of delivering two billion doses by the end of 2021.

Poorer nations reject over 100 million Covid shots as many close to expiry

More than 30 poorer nations, including big states such as the Democratic Republic of Congo and Nigeria, have used fewer than half of the doses they received.

Setiausaha AS puji cara Malaysia kendalikan pandemik Covid-19

Blinken berkata kejayaan luar biasa itu telah membolehkan Malaysia mempunyai kapasiti untuk menyumbang lebihan vaksin ke negara lain dan kepada Covax.

US state secretary praises Malaysia’s pandemic control

Antony Blinken says Malaysia's ability to distribute excess vaccines to other countries is 'evidence of real leadership'.

US announces deal to bring vaccines to conflict zones

Single-dose Johnson & Johnson shots will be provided to areas of conflict and other humanitarian distress.

India delays Covid-19 vaccine supplies to WHO-backed Covax, sources say

The world's biggest vaccine maker resumed exports of Covid-19 doses this month for the first time since April sending about 4 million to countries such as neighbouring Bangladesh and Iran, but none to Covax.

India says Covid vaccine exports to restart in October

The government says more than 300 million vaccine doses will be produced in October and one billion in the last three months of the year.

Covax eyes vaccines for just 20% of people in poor nations

The vaccine-sharing facility says it now expects to access just 1.425 billion vaccine doses this year – far short of its goal of delivering two billion doses by year-end.

China pledges 2 billion vaccine doses to world

President Xi Jinping also pledges to donate US$100 million to Covax.

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