Monday, September 27, 2021


India says Covid vaccine exports to restart in October

The government says more than 300 million vaccine doses will be produced in October and one billion in the last three months of the year.

Covax eyes vaccines for just 20% of people in poor nations

The vaccine-sharing facility says it now expects to access just 1.425 billion vaccine doses this year – far short of its goal of delivering two billion doses by year-end.

China pledges 2 billion vaccine doses to world

President Xi Jinping also pledges to donate US$100 million to Covax.

World Bank to finance extra Covid jabs for poorer nations

Countries should also have some flexibility in selecting to buy particular vaccines that align with their preferences.

WHO slams senseless ‘greed’ prolonging pandemic

Rolling out booster doses while the virus rips through other parts of the world is counter-productive, WHO says.

WHO’s Covid weapons fight still US$16.8 billion short

While Covax has distributed 100 million vaccine doses across 135 participating territories, WHO says that figure should have been between 300 and 400 million by this stage.

Africa’s Covid-19 numbers hit new highs as Delta variant runs riot

The African Union has sharply criticised Europe, saying: 'Not one dose, not one vial, has left a European factory for Africa.'

Covax wants equal treatment for WHO-approved Covid jabs

This comes after an EU-wide Covid certificate for easier travel took effect that recognises four vaccines but not others.

South Africa fights to contain Delta surge as vaccine shortage plagues Africa

The head of WHO laments the lack of vaccines being immediately donated by rich countries to the developing world.

In World Bank forum, Khairy lashes out at rich nations for ‘extremely immoral’ vaccine hoarding

He says Covax has been 'an abysmal failure' thanks to the conduct of rich countries in withholding vaccine supplies.

China gesa agihan vaksin global secara adil

Sifat 'nasionalisme vaksin' sesetengah negara dan tindakan memborong vaksin dengan jumlah yang jauh melebihi keperluan semakin membimbangkan

Vaccines running out in poorer nations, WHO says

Distribution has been hampered by manufacturing delays and supply disruptions, leading to shortages in countries wholly reliant on Covax.

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