Friday, September 17, 2021

court cluster

Govt-opposition deal will neutralise court cluster, say analysts

Political observers say it will be difficult for 'kleptocrats' to sabotage the government if its cooperation with Pakatan Harapan goes as planned.

With ‘Taliban’ power structure, ‘big brothers’ can make life tough for Ismail, says seasoned Umno watcher

Najib Razak and Ahmad Zahid Hamidi will pose a huge challenge to the prime minister's efforts to win public trust.

Umno now wants Ahmad Maslan as deputy speaker

But problems loom in getting the support of government MPs for the candidacy of Ahmad, who is part of what is known as the 'court cluster'.

Ismail’s Cabinet: Winners and losers

While parties such as Bersatu may have been given a new lease of life, others like Umno's court cluster must now continue their court battle without any political interference.

Pejuang ready to work with PN to form govt but minus Umno ‘court cluster’

Pejuang president Mukhriz Mahathir says the bloc has stood firm from the start on its principles regarding the fight against corruption.

After rulers’ statements, Anwar-Zahid-Najib triumvirate in frantic plan for pandemic-era coup

The plan could make way for a new PH government dominated by 'court cluster' Umno leaders.

No space for democratic vanities when fighting an invisible killer

There's no shame in admitting the ultimate reason behind the virus emergency.

Division leader sacked in 2009 hits out at ‘double standards’ by Umno

Former Labuan division chief Suhaili Abdul Rahman asks if Article 10.10 of the party constitution is to be applied only to 'ordinary' people like himself and not the top leadership.

Umno could implement 2009 ruling to force ‘court cluster’ to take leave

A statement by the party's Supreme Council had said that leaders who are facing charges can be suspended until their cases are dismissed.

No place for disruptive ethnocentric politics

It is one thing to not understand or practise religion fully from a personal perspective, but it’s an entirely separate matter to 'use' it as a divisive political tool to garner populist support ahead of the polls.

Revealed: The day Zahid came with his files to meet the new prime minister

The meeting was the spark which led to the Umno president's open confrontation with Muhyiddin Yassin.

‘Court cluster’ term for Umno leaders is propaganda, says PKR’s Fahmi

The Lembah Pantai MP also compares his party with Umno, saying they have suffered similar fates in several respects.

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