Thursday, January 20, 2022

corruption case

Court to summon Zahid’s doctor as judge seeks to avoid further delays in graft trial

The doctor will be called to explain Zahid's condition as well as how long it will take for him to recover.

Zahid admitted to hospital, graft trial likely postponed yet again

His lawyer confirms that he will not be attending court tomorrow.

Selangor sultan calls for speedier trials in corruption cases

He says courts should not entertain delays without solid reasons.

No documents, receipts found for bungalow donation from Zahid’s foundation, witness says

He also agrees that the donation process of the bungalows was 'strange'.

RM17.9 million from Zahid’s foundation withdrawn without board’s consent, court told

MACC investigating officer also says the withdrawal was at the instruction of Zahid Hamidi.

Company in Zahid’s graft case ‘too active’ despite no business activities, MACC man tells court

MACC investigating officer Mohd Zamri Abdul Rashid says probes and a raid on the company premises found no sign of business being carried out despite large withdrawals and deposits.

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