Tuesday, January 25, 2022


US averts credit default with 11th-hour debt limit hike

The passage follows a months-long standoff between Democrats and Republicans, generating fodder for attack ads during the 2022 congressional elections.

US judge rules Trump Capitol attack records can be released to Congress

Trump had sued seeking a stay to halt the release of the documents, arguing that, as a former president, he retained executive privilege to keep the communications and visitor logs related to that day under seal.

‘Real possibility’ Democrats might change Senate rules for debt hike, says Biden

Many Democrats have argued that the Senate should dump the filibuster entirely, saying it prevents progress on climate change, voting rights and other priorities.

US govt shutdown averted hours before deadline

US Congress approved a stopgap funding bill in a rare show of cross-party unity.

Pentagon leaders to face Afghanistan reckoning in Congress

The Senate and House committees overseeing the US military will hold hearings on Tuesday and Wednesday, respectively, where Republicans are hoping to zero in on mistakes that Biden's administration made toward the end of the two-decade-old war.

North Korea shows off new submarine-launched missile at parade

North Korea reveals a new submarine-launched ballistic missile at a military parade days before Joe Biden's inauguration.

Major US companies scrap Republican party donations over Capitol invasion

Public backlash over the assaults is causing many corporations to reconsider their political donations.

Guns out, windows smashed: Trump crowd turns Congress into battlefield

One person was wounded by a gunshot in the Capitol building and later died, according to US media reports.

A dozen US senators plan to oppose Biden certification

They say individual states could then convene special legislative sessions and potentially revise their vote totals.

Guatemala suspends budget that sparked violent protests

Lawmakers now have until Nov 30 to approve a new budget, otherwise the government will continue to operate under the existing budget.

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