Monday, June 27, 2022


Chinese New Year comes to an end

Malaysians end two weeks of celebrations with processions, lion dances and orange-throwing on Chap Goh Mei.

At Sarawak temple, Malay father and son serve up vegetarian meals for CNY

For 20 years, Sapiee and his son Firdaus have spent Chinese New Year in the temple kitchen.

New Year amid flood ruin

Ho Kai Yip and his family struggle to piece their life together again after the massive floods in December put paid to any thought of celebrating Chinese New Year.

No oranges or lion dances this New Year, only mud and dirty water

The recent floods mean a very different Chinese New Year this year for a small village in Telemong, Karak.

Chinese New Year in a Terengganu Peranakan family

While they are a minority in a Malay-majority area, they still celebrate the New Year in full tradition.

In Terengganu, Peranakan Chinese hold to tradition in the face of modernisation

While some have migrated to the city, others continue to celebrate New Year with the traditions they have always observed.

Chinese New Year, Terengganu Peranakan-style

Like the rest of the Chinese community in Malaysia, they celebrate Lunar New Year but with a twist.

Traffic smooth along major highways ahead of CNY

Most people appear to have returned to their hometowns in stages from Friday.

Hundreds of homes damaged by freak storm in Ipoh

Witnesses speak of seeing entire roofs torn off and blown away in the wind.

Staying put but splurging: China’s hotels, restaurants to see Lunar New Year boost

Authorities have estimated that, based on numbers from 36 cities, that 48 million people who travelled during the Lunar New Year last year will stay put this time.

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