Thursday, June 24, 2021


Nearly 400,000 sporadic Covid cases since Jan 1, says Noor Hisham

He says most of the sporadic cases are asymptomatic.

Sarawak detects 2 new clusters linked to Gawai celebrations

Nine people in the first cluster tested positive for Covid-19 and 45 in the second.

60 festival clusters reported within 4 weeks

Fifty-eight involve Hari Raya gatherings while the other two involve Hari Gawai celebrations.

Two more Raya clusters detected in Sabah

One cluster involves two districts while the other involves three.

Labuan seeing exponential increase in active Covid cases

It had fewer than 30 active cases early last month but now has 1,885.

Two new clusters in Pahang due to Raya visits

A total of 10,139 Covid-19 cases have been reported so far in the state, of which 1,784 are still active.

Over 1,000 cases linked to 26 Aidilfitri clusters detected so far, says health DG

Sabah has the highest number of Hari Raya clusters, followed by Kelantan, Johor, Melaka, Pahang, Selangor and Labuan.

Two clusters linked to Raya visits detected in Sarawak

In one of the clusters, 34 people had gathered at the home of the index case, nine of whom have tested positive so far.

Concern in Singapore about rise in unlinked Covid cases

The daily number of unrelated Covid-19 cases has risen from 68 since the start of the year to 75 from May 7 to yesterday.

Thailand suffers record Covid cases as prison numbers soar

In the worst-hit prison, in the northern province of Chiang Mai, 61% of inmates tested positive.

Putrajaya releases list of 150 premises considered as Covid-19 hotspots

Malls and shops in KL and Selangor dominate the list, with the public urged to put off plans to visit them.

In Sarawak, calls for leadership by example as cases surge ahead of Raya, Gawai celebrations

From community leaders to authorities at the top level, constant enforcement is needed especially given the strong emphasis on cultural activities which play a role in spreading the infection.

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