Tuesday, July 5, 2022


Indian droughts and cyclones fuel trafficking fears for climate migrants

Migration is a coping strategy for many in India in the face of economic woes and extreme weather events, yet this leaves hundreds of thousands vulnerable to forced labour or exploitative working conditions, a new report found.

Brazil deforestation shatters April record

More than 1,000 sq km of the world's biggest rainforest was destroyed, nearly double the previous high.

Scientists risk arrest to sound climate alarm

The world has seen a crescendo of deadly extreme weather amplified by rising temperatures and a torrent of recent climate science projects worse to come.

Australia PM promises US$700 million more for Great Barrier Reef

The additional funding over the next nine years will add to an existing A$2 billion package designed to shield the reef from environmental threats over the next three decades, Prime Minister Scott Morrison says.

US raising auto emissions standards to fight climate change, says govt

The new regulations approved by the Biden administration reverse previous, less stringent rules his predecessor Donald Trump had backed, and show how Biden's White House is using regulatory power to curb emissions.

Climate on track to devastate world’s poorest economies, shows study

To date, Earth's average surface temperature has risen 1.1C compared to late 19th-century levels.

Leaders can ‘make or break hope’ for climate salvation

G20 nations account for 80% of global GDP and nearly the same proportion of greenhouse gas emissions.

The Glasgow climate test and humanity’s code red

People rightly expect their governments to lead, but we all have a responsibility to safeguard our collective future.

Europe reels from worst floods in years as death toll nears 130

Some parts of western Europe received up to two months' worth of rainfall in two days on soil that was already near saturation.

Africa’s top greenhouse gas emitter seeks US$10 billion to shift from coal

A senior energy official says renewable energy production is the future.

Two-thirds of world see ‘climate emergency’, UN survey shows

The large majority of those who do recognise a climate emergency want urgent and comprehensive action, says Oxford sociologist.

New president Biden to roll back Trump policies, remake US role in climate crisis

Experts say that Biden will have to rebuild the credibility the US has lost in the eyes of the international community.

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