Friday, July 1, 2022


Troops move to quell unrest after deadly Sri Lanka clashes

Reprisals carried on late into the night and through the next day, with mobs setting alight dozens of homes belonging to ruling-party politicians around the country.

China calls Bucha civilian deaths ‘deeply disturbing’

Beijing has throughout refused to condemn Moscow's invasion as it treads a diplomatic tightrope between backing its close ally and maintaining ties with the West.

Bucha witness saw soldiers fire on man ‘going to supermarket’

Located 30km to the northwest of Kyiv's city centre, the town of Bucha was occupied by Russian forces on Feb 27 in the opening days of the war and remained under their control for a month.

Moscow accuses Ukraine of ‘staging’ new footage of dead civilians

The Russian defence ministry made the assertion after Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky demanded tough new sanctions over killings in the town of Bucha that have prompted international condemnation.

Myanmar ‘special command’ authorised lethal attacks on civilians, says report

The investigation will add to global pressure on the military to halt its crackdown on opponents and the use of air strikes and shelling in civilian areas.

Kashmir shut down after two ‘civilians’ reburied

The pair – who police said had died in 'crossfire' on Monday in a gunfight with suspected separatists – had been hurriedly interred by authorities in a remote graveyard.

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