Monday, December 6, 2021

civil servants

In new memoir, Mahathir tells of ‘millionaire civil servants’, thesis-like manifesto

He says his biggest problems upon his return to Putrajaya included the state of finances and the rot in the civil service.

Taliban to start paying overdue salaries of Afghan govt workers

Thousands of Afghan government workers are owed at least three months of salary, one of the many crises faced by the Taliban since the Islamist movement took over the country in August.

Teachers reminded to get their jabs as students return to school

Education Minister Radzi Jidin issues a reminder that those who refuse to be vaccinated without medical reasons could face disciplinary action or termination of service.

Unvaccinated civil servants may face disciplinary action, termination

A service circular lays out the possible measures allowed for heads of departments.

98% of 1.6 million civil servants fully vaccinated

But the government says it has no intentions of making vaccination mandatory yet.

Give retirees a bigger pension, govt told amid hike in cost of living

Cuepacs urges the government to raise the lowest pension rate for retired civil servants from RM1,000 to RM1,800 a month.

Covid jabs made compulsory for civil servants

The Public Service Department says disciplinary action can be taken against those who do not comply.

JPA to submit proposal on action against civil servants who decline vaccines

This includes a directive making it compulsory for all civil servants to be vaccinated except those who have strong grounds for exemption.

Civil servants to give up RM30 million in allowances as lockdown begins

The move will exclude frontliners and civil servants from Grade 1 to 28.

Frontliners, civil servants can still be paid if Budget 2021 is shot down, says Dr M

The former prime minister says this was the case with the budget for 2000 which was interrupted by the dissolution of Parliament for GE10.

A teacher’s worries about Budget 2021

Civil servants will suffer tremendously if the budget is voted down.

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