Thursday, October 28, 2021



Stateless and turning 21 in Malaysia

Thinesh longs to achieve great things in her life, but cannot without citizenship.

Reaching for the stars: A mother’s fight to get citizenship for her son

While Alias Daniel went from abandoned to adopted, his life as a stateless child is still fraught with uncertainty.

No place in the world for stateless 4-year-old in Sarawak

Rayyan (not his real name) is a bright child but does not legally exist as his parents were not married when they had him.

Being stateless and left behind

Sara (not her real name) longs to reach life's normal milestones of getting a driving licence and going to university, but she knows that such things may be forever out of reach.

‘Always afraid’: Stateless and without an IC in the big city

Thinesh lives in constant fear that she will be apprehended by the police and asked questions to which she has no answers.

Hamzah defends home ministry’s move to appeal court order on equal citizenship

He says no matter how much he sympathises, he needs to follow the law.

Malaysian at heart but not on paper

At 21, Sara is studying to become a lawyer but knows that question marks about over her own legal status.

Born and raised in Klang but with no country to call home

Kasim and his siblings have spent their whole lives in their tiny village but know that as refugees, they are still seen as different.

Dreams out of reach for stateless girl in Sarawak

14-year-old Kuntum wants to be a teacher when she grows up but knows that without citizenship, she will likely go nowhere.

Nov 15 hearing for govt’s bid to stay ruling on equal citizenship

High Court judge says in his written judgment that the grievances of the plaintiffs are real.

Don’t appeal High Court ruling on equal citizenship if you’re sincere, govt told

Lawyers for Liberty also says the High Court's decision is already in line with the proposed amendment and has force of law.

Cabinet to discuss citizenship for children born to Malaysian women overseas

The Cabinet meeting will also include Attorney-General Idrus Harun.

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