Sunday, July 25, 2021


Zuraida to bring citizenship of illegitimate child to Cabinet

She says no child should be denied citizenship because he or she was born out of wedlock.

Boy born to Filipino mother, Malaysian father loses appeal for citizenship

The court rules in a 4-3 decision that the boy did not meet the requisite criteria under the Federal Constitution to be declared a Malaysian citizen by operation of law.

Govt fails to strike out suit over citizenship for children born to Malaysian women overseas

Judge says there is clearly discrimination in Malaysia’s citizenship laws against Malaysian mothers, which the government has to justify in the lawsuit.

UK Supreme Court rejects legal bid by IS bride to return

Five judges at the Supreme Court gave a unanimous decision in the case of Shamima Begum, whose legal battles have come to be seen as a test of how Britain treat nationals who joined jihadists.

Thousands of Hong Kong citizens sign up for new UK ‘permanent’ visa

The UK says the new visa could attract more than 300,000 people and their dependents.

Families flee Hong Kong for UK, fearing stronger Beijing crackdown

Many say China’s encroachment on their way of life and civil liberties has become unbearable, and they want to seek a better future for their children abroad.

UK visa lifeline for Hong Kong citizens launches in face of Beijing disapproval

China says the path to UK citizenship for its citizens is a violation of international law and interferes with its internal affairs.

France rewards frontline workers with citizenship

Immigration authorities have also been ordered to reduce the residency period needed for citizenship to two years from the usual five in the case of 'great services rendered'.

A divorced mum’s long wait for her child’s citizenship

Expensive healthcare and visa-related challenges are just some of the problems that await if citizenship is never granted.

Group files suit to challenge gender bias in granting Malaysian citizenship

Family Frontiers criticises tedious application process and prolonged periods of limited access to education, healthcare and social protections.

Malaysian women fed up with road to nowhere for children’s citizenship

They speak of bureaucratic dead ends and concerns for their children's future.

‘Risk’ of dual citizenship for children of Malaysian men, too, rights group says

Lawyers for Liberty urges the government to amend the constitution to substitute the word 'father' for 'parent' in order to resolve the issue.

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