Sunday, July 3, 2022


US to drastically reduce nicotine content in cigarettes, reports say

Some 13.7% of all US adults are current cigarette smokers, according to CDC data.

Canada, in world first, proposes health warnings on individual cigarettes

Other steps include extending the existing list of health risks printed on cigarette packs.

England’s smoking age limit should be raised every year, study says

Around one in four deaths from all cancers in England is linked to smoking, according to official figures.

Bill on smoking ban for teens to be tabled in July

Several rounds of engagement including with the cigarette industry have been held to gather feedback from all quarters before the bill is finalised.

Kelantan eyes law to prevent teens from vaping

The proposed ban would apply to those born in 2005 onwards.

Is Malaysia becoming a ‘nanny state’?

At what stage should the state intervene when it comes to the health of individuals?

Govt to introduce law to ban smoking for those born after 2005, says Khairy

He says this will be a 'generational end game' for smoking in the country.

The other SOPs we fail to comply with

Covid-19 SOPs are not the only ones we ignore to our own peril.

Kudos for plan to further curb smoking, but devil is in the details

Cracking down too hard, too fast on smoking will only drive the habit underground, making it almost impossible to regulate and monitor.

NZ smoking ban overlooks worry about growing youth vaping

New Zealand plans to ban young people from ever buying cigarettes in their lifetime in one of the world's toughest crackdowns on the tobacco industry, arguing that other efforts to stamp out smoking are taking too long.

NZ plans lifetime ban on cigarette sales to stamp out smoking

People aged 14 in 2027 will never be allowed to legally purchase cigarettes in the Pacific country of five million, while the level of nicotine in all cigarettes on sale will be reduced.

More needed to tackle vaping culture among youth

A higher tax on vape liquid could go far in discouraging young people from venturing into the habit.

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