Tuesday, May 24, 2022


Chinese immigrant attacked US church over ‘hatred of Taiwan’, probe finds

He also hid bags containing Molotov cocktails and spare ammunition around the building, before opening fire with two handguns.

One dead, five critically injured in US church shooting

This comes just one day after a gunman killed 10 people at a grocery store in New York state.

Religious whipping marks Good Friday in the Philippines

Scores of men walk barefoot as they flog themselves with bamboo whips under a blazing sun near the capital Manila, while others carried wooden crosses as they were beaten, in a ritual frowned upon by the Church.

Peace and goodwill in Kelantan as churches celebrate Christmas

Christians in Kelantan are a minority group but have never been bothered by anyone, they say.

Philippine churchman ‘extorted sex with threats of damnation’ in US indictment

The indictment alleges the sex trafficking scheme ran for at least 16 years to 2018.

French Catholic Church inquiry finds 216,000 sex abuse victims from 1950

The landmark report, released Tuesday after two and a half years of investigations, follows widespread outrage over a string of sex abuse claims and prosecutions against Church officials worldwide.

The tangled business of tying the knot during the Covid-19 crisis

Those who place high value on the presence of family and loved ones may have to wait until the pandemic subsides in order to sign on the dotted line.

Church criticises Austrian govt’s ‘Islam map’

The highly controversial map shows details of more than 600 Muslim associations including details on their location and photos of members.

Brazil Supreme Court backs Covid bans on religious gatherings

The issue has triggered widespread legal and political debate as Brazil faces its worst phase of the pandemic yet.

Sarawak Christians flock online for Good Friday, Easter

Health SOPs keep physical congregations skeletal but not everyone has the internet access needed to follow church services online.

Indonesian cops step up Easter security at churches after terror attacks

President Joko Widodo says there is no place for terrorism in Indonesia.

Indonesia cathedral suicide bombers were newlyweds

Authorities say the weapon was a pressure cooker bomb which the couple had learned to assemble online from social media.

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