Wednesday, January 26, 2022


Celebrating Christmas in Bethlehem with a double blessing for Gazan

The day before Christmas Eve, Israeli authorities gave Ayyad a blue slip allowing him to visit the biblical birthplace of Jesus Christ.

Hindu vigilante groups disrupt Christmas celebrations on Modi territory

The disruption of Christmas celebrations at the weekend and last week included the vandalising of a life-size statue of Jesus Christ at Ambala in Haryana, say local news reports.

Police deny stopping Christmas celebrations in KL

They say they were conducting rounds in hotspots to ensure compliance with health SOPs.

Bidayuh families separated by border line mark another Christmas apart

But they wait in hope for the day when the Covid-19 pandemic ends and they will be able to reunite once more.

No tree but lemang aplenty as Orang Asli villagers keep Christmas spirit alive

Despite the Covid-19 restrictions and the lack of lavish decorations, the Semai Christians in Kampung Pos Slim welcome the Christmas season with open arms and hearts.

Christmas with the Bidayuh

The largely Christian minority live deep in the interior of Sarawak, passing on their traditions and culture from one generation to the next.

Peace and goodwill in Kelantan as churches celebrate Christmas

Christians in Kelantan are a minority group but have never been bothered by anyone, they say.

A very ‘Asli’ Christmas

This predominantly Christian Orang Asli settlement in Perak prepares for Christmas, but not in the conventional way that it is celebrated.

World rings in another pandemic Christmas

For the second year, surging infections have complicated yuletide plans from Sydney to Seville.

It’s Christmas time in the village

Villagers eager to celebrate Christmas after another pandemic year deck the halls and observe much-loved traditions.

Keeping Christmas traditions alive in Melaka’s Portuguese settlement

Despite the Covid-19 restrictions that remain in place, the villagers are eager to celebrate Christmas in full traditional swing.

Melaka’s Portuguese settlement ushers in Christmas

The Portuguese have been in Melaka for many, many years now, and they celebrate Christmas in full tradition.

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