Monday, September 27, 2021


PM New Zealand tak setuju pembikinan filem serangan masjid, tumpu wataknya

Menurut Jacinda Ardern, kejadian serangan itu adalah kisah tentang komuniti dan keluarga mangsa serangan.

NZ prime minister pans mosque attacks film amid backlash

The National Islamic Youth Association meanwhile says the proposed film 'sidelines the victims and survivors and instead centres on the response of a white woman'.

World still needs to talk about racism, NZ leader says 2 years after mosque massacres

The official Inquiry has found that security agencies were almost exclusively focused on the perceived threat of Islamist terrorism before the attacks.

Machetes, guns a la Singapore massacre plot available but not easy

Shocking revelation of lone wolf plan by Singapore teenager not impossible to imitate with online tools.

Mosque murder plotter shows extremism on the rise in Singapore, says minister

In a growing trend, seven young people under 20 in Singapore have been arrested since 2015 after becoming radicalised online.

Singapore arrests 16-year-old for planning Christchurch-style massacre of Muslims

Singapore's Internal Security Department says the youth was planning to launch the attack on March 15, on the second anniversary of the Christchurch massacre.

New Zealand PM Arden apologises for lapses leading to mosque massacres

Security agencies were too preoccupied with possible Islamist terrorism, an independent report has found.

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