Sunday, April 11, 2021


China hits Alibaba with record US$2.78 billion fine for market abuses

Alibaba has accepted the penalty and pledged to outline plans for bringing its operations in compliance.

Press freedom in Macau under pressure as Beijing issues unexpected ‘guidelines’

Normally, Beijing lavishes praise on Macau while issuing stark warnings to Hong Kong that it will not tolerate any challenge to its authority.

‘Let’s Tea and end dictatorship!’ – Twitter launches ‘Milk Tea Alliance’ emoji

Young people are clashing with increasingly authoritarian regimes and taking their struggles online around the unifying and popular regional drink.

China weighs carrots and sticks in push to vaccinate millions

Many in China have been slow to sign up for jabs, feeling they are no longer at risk of catching the virus as the country has largely brought domestic outbreaks under control.

Chinese ‘vaccine diplomacy’ on display in overtures to Taiwan allies

Taipei persuaded India to provide vaccines to Paraguay to counter Chinese pressure.

Chinese warplanes, drones, fly closer to Taiwan in increasing shows of force

China says its activities around Taiwan are aimed at protecting China’s sovereignty.

China sentences Uighur ex-govt officials to death for ‘separatism’

China keeps data on its use of the death penalty secret, although rights group Amnesty International estimates the country is the top executioner globally.

Japanese destroyer shadows Chinese aircraft carrier group entering Pacific

Tension between China and Japan has escalated in recent months following Tokyo repeatedly voicing concerns over China's new coastguard law.

Facing pressure at home, Chinese tech giants expand in Singapore

The tech firms are shifting their focus to booming Southeast Asian markets as authorities tighten the screws at home amid concerns about the platforms' growing power.

Malaysia, China sepakat keamanan Myanmar perlu dipulihkan

Kerjasama China dengan Asean boleh memainkan peranan penting dan konstruktif bagi memulihkan demokrasi di Myanmar.

Hong Kong democracy leaders pronounced guilty over protests

The verdict was the latest blow to the increasingly cowed democracy movement as the Hong Kong and Beijing governments tighten their grip.

Electric car race buzzing with new Chinese competitors for Tesla as Apple Car stalls

Tesla gets a new local competitor for the enormous Chinese EV market as the proposed Apple Car wonders which turn to take.

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