Tuesday, December 7, 2021


Don’t panic, South African health official says on number of children with Covid-19

Public health specialist Ntsakisi Maluleke says infections so far have been mild.

South Africa sees spike in child infections

In the week since South Africa alerted the world of the new Covid-19 variant, infections have spread faster than in the country's three previous waves.

Over 1,000 cases of child abuse reported in Selangor from January to September

This includes 527 cases of physical abuse and 514 cases of sexual abuse or harassment.

US man suspected of killing his 4 kids

The four children, all under the age of 12, were declared dead at the scene in the small town of Lancaster, near Los Angeles.

Syria Kurds protest recruitment of teenage girls for combat

A number of girls are reported to have been recruited into fighting, some of them allegedly by force.

China extends maternity leave to boost births

The issue has attracted widespread discussion online, with some people expressing concern it could make companies think twice about hiring women.

From Down Under, a way to keep children safe online?

While Australia's plan to force parental consent for minors' use of social media is a good step, it is not foolproof, says expert.

Israel starts vaccinating young children as Covid-19 rises

Daily cases have crept up over the past few days, with half the confirmed infections presently among children age 11 and younger.

Long break sees Sarawak village youths drifting away from school

Many spend long hours on their parents' farms, working on the land and growing more distant from their classes.

12-year-old’s marriage causes stir in Iraq

The legal age for marriage in Iraq is 18 but can be lowered to 15 in cases of parental or judicial consent.

Canada okays Pfizer Covid jab for children 5-11

The vaccine was found to be more than 90% effective at preventing Covid-19, and no serious side-effects were identified.

Make sure that balconies of high-rise buildings are safe for children

To prevent any tragedies involving children and balconies, safety measures should be integrated into the structure of the building itself.

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