Thursday, May 19, 2022


UK apologises for hospital scandal over 200 baby deaths

The report listed a catalogue of repeated failings at the Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital NHS Trust over a 20-year period from 2000 to 2019.

Ukrainian mother shielded baby from blast as civilian toll mounts

Ukrainian authorities say at least 60 civilians have been killed in Kyiv since Russia launched what it calls a 'special military operation' on Feb 24, several in missile strikes on residential buildings.

Under 2% of babies born to mothers with Covid get infected, study shows

The analysis found no link between new-borns testing positive with Covid and breastfeeding, the method of birth, whether they were premature or had been separated from their mothers.

Pakistani police search for man suspected of killing baby daughter

The baby named Jannat, which means heaven in Urdu, was shot multiple times on Monday, police in the central city of Mianwali and a relative of the baby say.

Rescuers battle to save boy trapped down Afghan well

The operation in Shokak village, Zabul province, comes less than two weeks after a similar attempt to rescue a child from a Moroccan well gripped the world – but ended with the boy found dead.

Man pleads guilty to abducting four-year-old Australian Cleo Smith

Cleo Smith disappeared from her family's tent in Western Australia in October, sparking a major search operation that many feared would end in tragedy.

Singer Billie Eilish says watching porn from age 11 ‘really destroyed my brain’

Eilish, who was homeschooled in Los Angeles and has seven Grammy Awards, is known for her often dark lyrics.

Four-year-old Australian girl found after 18-day hunt

Cleo Smith disappeared from her family's tent in Western Australia last month, sparking a frantic air, sea and ground search involving 100 officers, one that most feared would end in tragedy.

Anger after US police pepper-spray 9-year-old girl

The police officers involved have been suspended from duty with an internal investigation underway.

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