Friday, May 27, 2022

child abuse

Hundreds arrested globally in NZ-led online child abuse probe

The collection of of online imagery was discovered in late 2019 when a New Zealand-based internet service provider raised the alarm, sparking a two-year long investigation dubbed 'Operation H.'

Probe finds ex-pope Benedict failed to act in German abuse cases

Germany's Catholic Church has been rocked by a string of reports in recent years that have exposed widespread abuse of children by clergymen.

Over 1,000 cases of child abuse reported in Selangor from January to September

This includes 527 cases of physical abuse and 514 cases of sexual abuse or harassment.

French Catholic Church inquiry finds 216,000 sex abuse victims from 1950

The landmark report, released Tuesday after two and a half years of investigations, follows widespread outrage over a string of sex abuse claims and prosecutions against Church officials worldwide.

Rina Harun calls for strict action against culprits in abuse of autistic child

She says her ministry will not compromise with anyone involved in the abuse or mistreatment of children.

Apple update will check iPhones for images of child sexual abuse

Apple's iPhone messaging app will also use machine learning to recognise and warn children and their parents when receiving or sending sexually explicit photos.

Review underway to tighten application approval for care centres, says minister

Rina Harun also urges the public to lodge reports instead of sharing photographs or recordings of abuse involving children, as the latter is an offence under the Child Act.

Think tank calls for child protection policies amid anger over Down syndrome girl’s plight

Galen Centre says welfare homes working on the basis of 'good intentions' is not enough.

Negeri Sembilan records 142 child abuse cases in 6 months

Physical abuse tops the list with 85 cases.

Boy found drowned in water tub, parents arrested

The seven-year-old was found with bruises and injuries on several parts of his body.

Catholic officials ask reporters to keep details of child abuse report secret

All eight of the journalists invited to the event refused to sign the agreement and walked out.

Philippines set to raise age of consent

The Philippine congress looks set to approve a bill to raise the age of consent to 16.

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