Wednesday, September 22, 2021


More Americans lost to Covid-19 than 1918 flu pandemic

675,722 US Covid-19 deaths were recorded as of Friday, surpassing the 675,000 US deaths during the influenza outbreak that began in the last year of World War I.

US judge tosses order for hospital to give Covid patient ivermectin

The case is one of several nationwide where courts have sided with litigants seeking to use ivermectin, despite scant evidence of its effectiveness against Covid and a rise in calls to poison centres as a result of misuse.

EU to return J&J vaccines made in Africa

The announcement comes with Africa's struggle to immunise its people against Covid-19, partly because of a lack of supply and widespread vaccine hesitancy.

Heart inflammation risk higher for Covid than for vaccines, study shows

The study says precise underlying cause isn't understood but it might be related to viral infection of the heart, or, in under 16s, multisystem inflammatory syndrome.

Face masks no longer required for vaccinated US students

Reasons for continuing to enforce mask usage might include high transmission rates in schools and their localities, or simply 'difficulty monitoring or enforcing mask policies that are not universal'.

Singapore health pros call for delay in vaccinating youths

The US CDC is investigating the death of a 13-year-old three days after he got his second Covid-19 shot.

US to add heart inflammation warning for Covid mRNA jabs for teens

It's an extraordinarily rare event, and when the event happens it's generally quite mild, says one panel member.

Washington benarkan pemberian balutan ganja kepada penerima vaksin

Pemberian ganja rekreasi percuma kepada penerima vaksin adalah sebagai langkah untuk menggalakkan vaksinasi dalam kalangan warganya.

CDC kesan beberapa ‘masalah jantung’ dalam kalangan belia AS disuntik vaksin

Kebanyakan kes dilihat tidak teruk, dan penelitian susulan terhadap kes-kes tersebut masih dijalankan.

US seeing fewest Covid deaths since start of pandemic

New daily cases are headed down in all US states, with the current average of 30,211 the lowest since last June, when there were severe testing shortages.

Confusion reigns after US lifts mask guidance

The CDC's recommendations are non-binding, and actual policy is left for the relevant local authorities or employers to decide.

No plans to follow US in easing SOPs for the vaccinated, says DG

Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah says Malaysia will continue with its vaccination programme while adhering to health SOPs.

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