Tuesday, January 25, 2022


US judge rules Trump Capitol attack records can be released to Congress

Trump had sued seeking a stay to halt the release of the documents, arguing that, as a former president, he retained executive privilege to keep the communications and visitor logs related to that day under seal.

Capitol Hill bomb threat standoff ends as suspect surrenders

The incident triggered evacuations and a massive police response.

Trump to launch own social media platform?

Donald Trump's provocative use of social media was a defining feature of his presidency, as he drew 88 million followers to Twitter.

Trump impeachment trial to begin early February

Trump was impeached on a single charge of 'incitement of insurrection' for his role in whipping up his supporters during a speech in Washington on Jan 6, the day a pro-Trump mob stormed Congress.

US to punish bad behaviour on flights as incidents rise

Passengers who pose any sort of threat to the staff or passengers on the aircraft could be imprisoned or fined.

Trump impeached for unprecedented second time

Trump had no immediate reaction but earlier issued a brief statement insisting that he opposed violence, 'lawbreaking' and 'vandalism' among his supporters.

Major US companies scrap Republican party donations over Capitol invasion

Public backlash over the assaults is causing many corporations to reconsider their political donations.

Mat Sabu says emergency rule an attack on Parliament a la Capitol storming

Muhyiddin is following Donald Trump's way, he says.

Darurat diisytihar di Washington elak keganasan menjelang upacara angkat sumpah Biden

Ia dilakukan menjelang pelantikan rasmi bakal Presiden Joe Biden yang dijadual 20 Januari ini.

Armed protests being planned at all 50 US state capitols, FBI bulletin says

An internal FBI note shows warnings of 'a huge uprising' if President Trump is removed from office before Inauguration Day.

15,000 troops from National Guard mobilised for Biden inauguration

They will come equipped with riot gear and weapons, but so far they have not been authorised to arm themselves while on the streets of the US capital.

Diplomats worry about US reputation abroad after Capitol siege

They fear the invasion may badly undermine their credibility to promote and defend democratic values in other countries.

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