Tuesday, April 20, 2021


Singapore single dad who moved drugs to pay debt faces death by lethal injection in Vietnam

Cher Wei Hon was transporting drugs for a woman in order to pay off his debts to her.

Cambodia produces first drop of oil 15 years after discovery

In 2005, the discovery of the oil led the kingdom to be acclaimed as the region's next potential petro-state.

China ‘not behind disappearance’ of second US naval facility in Cambodia

Phnom Penh has repeatedly denied secret deals to let Beijing station forces at the base.

Now Cambodians can use smartphones instead of cash to fight Covid-19

Anyone with a phone number in the country will be able to use the system to make payments.

FBI opening Cambodian office ‘to track down American criminals’

The opening of the FBI office may be a step towards renewing a productive working relationship between the US and Cambodia.

China, Cambodia sign free trade deal to go into effect early 2021

Cambodia will also be one of the first countries to receive Covid-19 vaccines developed by China.

Storm dumps torrents on Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Thailand

Meteorologists are predicting more of the same as two tropical depressions are on the way.

Cambodia confirms it demolished US-built naval facility

The US is worried about China's growing military influence in Southeast Asia.

Top Khmer Rouge butcher dies in prison

Kaing Guek Eav, better known as Comrade Duch, ran the notorious Tuol Sleng prison, in which thousands were tortured and murdered in the 1970s.

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