Wednesday, December 8, 2021


Sri Lanka to tax car crashes in drastic budget

Vehicle accidents will be taxed under new revenue proposals to keep the budget deficit at 8.8% of GDP in 2022, down from 11.1% this year.

Budget 2022 considerations for public healthcare

Tools that go beyond vaccination and specialised treatment for those at higher risk of getting severely ill are some of the considerations.

Malaysia can’t afford corporate tax cut right now, says Zafrul

The finance minister says this will only be possible once the country broadens its tax base and maintains a stronger-than-average growth trajectory.

Canada’s Trudeau survives vote of no confidence

The conservative opposition voted together against Trudeau, who was able to hang on thanks to the support of three other smaller blocs in the lower chamber.

Israel parliament dissolves, sparking fourth election in 2 years

This came after the ruling coalition failed to pass a budget, which legally forces the dissolution of parliament.

Virtual Apec summit cost only 20% of allocated budget

The international trade and industry ministry, tasked with organising the summit, returned the balance to the finance ministry.

Guatemala suspends budget that sparked violent protests

Lawmakers now have until Nov 30 to approve a new budget, otherwise the government will continue to operate under the existing budget.

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