Monday, October 25, 2021


Britain reports highest weekly Covid cases since July

Deaths have risen by 12% over the past week, and the total since the start of the pandemic now stands at 139,461, the second highest in Europe after Russia.

Don’t panic, UK says despite soaring Covid rates

Health Secretary Sajid Javid plays down concerns about the stubbornly high figures, which are nudging 50,000 new cases and 1,000 hospital admissions a day.

Britain reports highest number of Covid-19 cases since mid-July

Infection numbers in Britain are currently much higher than in other western European countries and have risen more 60% in the last month.

British lawmaker stabbed to death in church

David Amess, 69, the MP for Southend West in Essex, eastern England, was targeted at around midday at a meeting at the Belfairs Methodist Church in Leigh-on-Sea.

Britain calls for 800 foreign butchers to avoid pig cull

A combination of Brexit and Covid-19 has sparked an exodus of east European workers, leaving some 120,000 pigs in barns and fields across the country waiting to be slaughtered, according to the National Pig Association.

Christmas isn’t cancelled despite choked port, Britain says

Maersk, the world’s largest container shipping company, has diverted some vessels from Felixstowe port in eastern England because a lack of truck drivers means there is nowhere left to stack containers at the port.

Dubai ruler ordered hacking of ex-wife’s phone, UK judge rules

The phone of Princess Haya Bint Al Hussein and those of her lawyers and others in her entourage were hacked using Pegasus spyware during the pair's acrimonious divorce custody case in London, the High Court found.

New defence pact no threat to Indo-Pacific stability, says US envoy

He says Aukus will reinforce ongoing cooperation with key countries to ensure a free and open Indo-Pacific that respects the rule of law.

British army to start driving tankers as queues for fuel continue

A shortage of around 100,000 drivers has sown chaos through supply chains and raised the spectre of empty shelves and price increases at Christmas.

British petrol stations running dry, says retailers association

BP says that nearly a third of its British petrol stations have run out of the two main grades of fuel as panic buying forced the government to suspend competition laws and allow firms to work together to ease shortages.

Long queues and fuel rationing as Britain faces truck driver shortage

Government ministers and oil companies say there are ample stocks of petrol or diesel and there is no cause for alarm, but the lack of truck drivers is hampering transport of fuel from refineries to stations.

PM maklum kegusaran kepada Australia berhubung Aukus, gesa elak provokasi

Perdana Menteri Ismail Sabri Yaakob menggesa semua pihak agar mengelakkan sebarang provokasi serta persaingan senjata di rantau ini.

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