Saturday, December 4, 2021


Truce or not? UK and France at odds after crunch talks

The dispute has taken time out of both leaders' packed schedules when they are both working hard on the climate change agenda heading into the UN's COP26 meeting in Glasgow.

‘EU-free’ UK to ban live animal exports for slaughter

The government is set to formally recognise animals as sentient beings with feelings as part of its post-Brexit welfare plan.

Does Brexit mean bye-bye British English, ‘allo ‘allo Euro-English?

Some officials are arguing for the EU to establish a 'European English' as an official language alongside the 'proper' version.

Britain to apply to join Asia-Pacific free trade bloc

Negotiations between the UK and the partnership are expected to start this year, the trade department says.

‘Welcome to the Brexit’: Dutch customs stop sandwich crossings under new trade rules

The new post-Brexit rules say that bringing foods that contain meat or dairy into the EU, even for personal use, is forbidden.

Brexit talks still floundering over fishing rights as final deadline looms

Both sides are desperate to strike a deal but passions are inflamed by the tiny fishing sector overshadowing other important economic questions

Billionaire British Brexit supporter to manufacture his new cars in France

Previously, he had said he had significant confidence in British manufacturing.

UK immigration visa shake-up promises to be good for non-Europeans

The new points-based system promises to give applicants from all over the world a fair chance of getting a work visa.

Switzerland about to vote for or against immigration

The arguments being waged echo Brexit campaigns.

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