Tuesday, April 20, 2021


India overtakes Brazil as second worst-hit Covid-19 country

India has recorded over 873,000 cases in the last seven days compared to Brazil's 497,000.

Brazil now has more young than old Covid patients in ICUs

The number of people aged 39 or younger in ICUs with Covid-19 in March rose sharply to more than 11,000, or 52.2% of the total, up from 14.6% of total ICU patients early in the pandemic and around 45% from September through February.

Brazil Supreme Court backs Covid bans on religious gatherings

The issue has triggered widespread legal and political debate as Brazil faces its worst phase of the pandemic yet.

Brazil prostitutes strike for first-line Covid shots

They say they are a priority group and should be considered health educators as they provide information about STIs as well as distribute condoms.

In Brazil, more than 80% of intubated Covid patients die

Brazil's average daily death toll from Covid-19 has nearly quadrupled since the start of the year, to more than 2,600.

Brazil’s 24-hour Covid deaths surpass 3,000 for first time

Brazil's overall death toll is now nearly 299,000, second only to the US.

Confusion as Brazil faces Covid surge with 2 health ministers

Neither the widely criticised outgoing minister's departure nor the incomer's appointment has been made official in the government gazette.

Lebih dari 700,000 korban Covid-19 di Amerika Latin

Pada peringkat global, sekitar 117 juta jangkitan telah dilaporkan dengan 2.26 juta kematian sejak Disember 2019.

Brazil reports second straight day of record Covid-19 deaths

Far-right President Jair Bolsonaro faces sharp criticism for downplaying the new coronavirus, flouting expert advice on containing it with lockdowns and face masks, and over his government's slow pace in vaccinating the population.

Kes Covid-19 global sudah melebihi 100 juta

Di seluruh dunia, setakat ini sekurang-kurangnya 2,151,242 orang maut akibat Covid-19.

‘No way to help them’: Covid-19 wreaks havoc at brimming Brazil hospitals

'You never know if they will come again,' health workers say about oxygen deliveries.

Remote Amazon forest tribe gets CoronaVac shots as death toll climbs

Just this one Amazon River village has seen 37 residents die of Covid-19 and some 2,000 more infected.

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