Friday, May 27, 2022


Japan will not send government delegation to Beijing Olympics

The decision follows a US-led diplomatic boycott of the Games over concerns about human rights in China, although Japan has avoided explicitly labelling its move as such.

Most countries won’t join diplomatic boycott of Beijing Games, says IOC

In the European Union, countries such as France have sought a common EU response but the bloc is torn over whether to join the diplomatic boycott, fearful of Chinese retaliation that would hurt trade.

South Korea says no boycott of Beijing Olympics

Visiting Canberra, Moon Jae-in says he is 'not considering' snubbing the Olympics to protest China's human rights abuses as several Western nations have done.

UN chief to attend Beijing Olympics amid diplomatic boycotts

The US says its athletes will compete, but that it will not send a diplomatic delegation in a protest against rights abuses by China with several other nations following suit.

China threatens countermeasures if US boycotts Beijing Olympics

The Biden administration is expected to announce this week that US government officials will not attend the 2022 Olympics in Beijing, according to local news.

Nike boss assures Chinese consumers his company is ‘of China and for China’

His comments came after the sportswear giant was recently hit by a backlash over statements about Uighurs and cotton production in Xinjiang.

Racism and the Palestinian boycott of Israel

The boycott movement aims at holding the oppressor accountable as it places a price tag on military occupation and apartheid.

US boycotts global vaccine team effort

The decision was made in part because the White House does not want to work with the World Health Organization.

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